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Over the past 6 months I have worked with Stacy closely and I can tell you I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly encourage you to consider the following as we have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to photography. First thing that’s a must for us is our partners to have a general branding understanding or I can assure you its not going to end up well if not. Stacy is a rare personality that understands the DNA of your company and that shows in the product shots that result are reflected the professional images matching your brand.

If I had a nickel for every time I was committed a deadline only to see it pass by without the least of concern from the other party. Its costs us money in delays and more, and we have contracted Stacy now numerous times and she has NEVER been late or not delivered period. That’s worth its weight in gold alone.

There is no substitute for quality; it pays for itself over and over. We’re tired of wasting money having to have someone reshoot products. We’re tired of paying for something that’s worthless. That was until Stacy. I assure you her prices are - for the quality of product delivered - extremely full of value. I don’t want to say too much here in fear of a price increase, but her quality alone is fantastic. Then consider she delivers on time, she understands branding, and the cost savings from all of these - then she should charge a lot more!!!


Here is my final take: in order to be successful in long-term relationships in this highly competitive world we live in, ordinary doesn’t cut it anymore. Its more than that - Stacy is like an extension of your internal business.We bounce ideas, talk business, talk opportunities, and that’s something that we value immensely. If you don’t feel like they are listening to your goals, if they don’t get your company or branding or if they don’t feel like an extension of your company, then you are not doing your company the service it needs to compete in the global economy. Stacy puts her money where her mouth is and shes going to make you happy. I rarely, and I do mean rarely, recommend people or services because its just usually doesn’t deliver. However, Stacy is that rare person that I don’t have even the slightest hesitation to recommend. I encourage anyone to give her a chance to earn your business.

Steven, CEO

Rustic Roasters