Stacy White Photography | About

Stacy White is a rising architectural photographer with a passion for nature, landscapes, and wildlife. Stacy uncovered her love for photography while studying to be an interior designer: photographing items for room placement lit a fire that has since burned brightly. 


Stacy lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband, two children, two dogs, and her cat. Living in Florida gives her a wide range of access to interesting wildlife, as well as scenic locations for her photos. She loves abandoned places - especially barns and outbuildings - and enjoys accidentally stumbling on the beautiful ruins of forgotten places. 


Stacy combines her love for photography and animals by volunteering her time photographing rescued dogs and cats to help them find forever homes in her community. Stacy enjoys traveling as often as possible - wherever she goes, her camera goes. She always aims to capture the beauty she finds around her.


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